End Of the Line!

Is it?? the end of the line? i have tried everything, I have persevered, i have re-loaded, and told myself, ‘So, come on big guy’ you reckon you are tough…so prove it! Yeah, Well, i hate to say it but,I, must give up…

This Marcus dude is a piece of work, In 4 weeks, almost non-stop, I have yet to see one of his videos all of the way through! they continually just cease showing suddenly, half way through. When I availed myself of the ‘ Live Talk’ i was told to ‘use another browser’ well i do not know how to use another browser, but his lordship didn’t bother to walk me thru this bit of ‘Laptop Frenzy’ the man, is a boy, he reminds me of a schoolboy whose been permitted to take over the blackboard for an hour, at least i presume that it is an hour, I have never gone past 20mins, if that! Talk about prattle! this guy waffles on about how he makes this much, per day on this page, and that much per day on that page…(or so he says) and never gets around to telling me HOW!

I still do NOT know how to make money with a blog. How to get traffic to the blog, & how to trigger the ‘Buy Now’ urge. The videos will not play thru on my lap top! i have spent hours reloading, and to no avail. it breaks down at the crucial time. I have tried & tried to get to the ‘Key word tool. I have never seen it, never seen a box that invites me to put my keywords in. Every-time i click on ‘Go to keyword planner’ I am shown to a Google adwords site, that has a advertisement already written and in place, ready to go.

Okay, this can be a good thing, i’m not that stupid, but i want to craft the ad myself, nobody said that when i clicked on .go to keyword planner’ that i was going to land up on a google ad words site. Google have given me more insights into online marketing than that video hustler.

Well, know that I have got that off of my crotch…I had better work out a way to use what little i have, and try to make a buck…after all, i have wasted some earnings so far, so i had better make it pay!


Jackson Hobbs

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Getting old! Still chasing the end of the rainbow. Like to fossick on the PC. Will crack it, this time? Watch this space.

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