About Mr WhitBiz,

Getting very long in the tooth. My religion is simple (I was taught to ALWAYS ‘keep it Simple’) so,.. “I will not do you down” or Take unfair advantage of you… is my religion/motto… If I can help you in any way, just ask! That is how my Wife Jenny & I live our day to day existence.

I have been fortunate enough to have ‘stalked’ LOL. my Wife Jenny since i set eyes on her when she was 16. (We are both now 77 that’s 61 years!) we married at 18 much to the dismay & anger of my mother in law, all of her efforts to geld me, were to no avail, she could not separate us. She even took Jenny back to the UK. I was on their doorstep about 5 weeks later, bedraggled at 4am in the cold, asking to see Jenny. I had 5 quid in my poke, & not many prospects.

By the time we were 28 we had 3 children, and a mostly built ourselves, first House complete with mortgage. But that is for another time. I was lucky.

Our lives together have been a huge saga. maybe I’ll write a book, we could fill a big book. it would make great reading, if only for us.

Now we are starting another journey, on WordPress & Facebook. If we can make money (enough to get by on) online, it will be a miracle…miracles still happen don’t they? Watch this space…If we can make it online…then I will die a happy man….To be continued. PS. anyone know how to make a ‘landing page’ Mr Whitbiz.

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Getting old! Still chasing the end of the rainbow. Like to fossick on the PC. Will crack it, this time? Watch this space.

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